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The Impact Of Acne On People Living With The Condition

Acne which is an inflammatory skin condition can affect teenagers and adults. Acne can be mild, moderate or severe. People who suffer from acne may have it on their back, shoulders, face, or the upper chest.
Some people will be very uncomfortable and have a lot of pain due to acne especially for severe acne. Regardless of whether one has mild or severe acne, they may have whiteheads, blackheads, and pimples.

In some cases, the skin can heal after the pimples heal but in severe cases of acne, there is permanent scarring after the healing. The pimples and scarring makes people self-conscious about their appearance and it can be an embarrassing condition. Some of the reasons that people can get acne is because of food, hormones, dirt, and cosmetics. Foods such as dairy products can trigger acne in some people.

It is important to keep one’s face clean because dirt can clog pores and cause the acne condition to worsen. Contraceptive pills may cause acne to worsen in some women. Instead of making acne worse, contraceptive pills may make other women get relief from acne symptoms. To avoid aggravating acne, people who have acne should use oil free and water based cosmetics.

Acne can also be stress related to some people. Medications can affect a person with acne by worsening the condition or causing those without acne to get acne. Acne can affect self-esteem and cause body image issues in people. Lack of confidence can cause people with acne to withdraw from social activities. This lack of confidence can affect people in their school and workplaces. Such individuals may skip work and school and this will affect their performance.

People who suffer from acne may try to hide the condition by covering up their face with makeup and long hair. They may refuse to participate in sports such as swimming because they do not want to put on swimming costumes which will expose their skin. Young adults normally get medical help for acne and this improves their chances as they apply for jobs and as they advance in their careers. One can be able to rebuild their self-esteem by going for counseling even as they take medication for acne treatment. Since there are so many medications that are available today, one can visit a dermatologist who will be able to give them medicine that will relieve the symptoms of acne.

One can get suitable medication after an assessment by a dermatologist on their acne condition. Mild to moderate acne can be treated with lotions, acne creams, and acne gels which are available over the counter. A dermatologist can be able to prescribe medication for people who suffer from severe acne.

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